Tips To Work At Home And Make Passive Income

We all want to make money right? And how great if we could learn to work at home and make passive income. It’s possible. I know because I’m doing it and so can you. For women who wish to work at home there has never been a better time for us then today. With the internet you can work at home and create business opportunities that will help yourself and your family. Internet marketing, and other business opportunities, affiliates and more make it possible for us to work at home and enjoy our lives.
It doesn’t matter if that business is an actual product, or if you are simply selling a service for example coaching women in business. Whatever you’d like to do it’s possible to work at home and do it.

A simple way to work at home is create a blog. From that blog you can write posts that drive your ideal prospect to your website.  You can advertise a beauty product you sell, launch affiliate programs ( sell someone else’s product), or create your own product to sell. You will be approached by other advertisers who will pay you for links and so much more.

Creating products is also a wonderful way to work at home. You could create a training video with a paypal link and add that to your site too. The list is endless. But first let’s watch today’s vlog.

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We discuss, email list building tips, tips to create a product and more. So watch the video and enjoy! Then share it with a friend. Below you’ll find all the links.

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Here are the email list building tips

A Mompreneur Is Too Stupid To Run A Business


Become an Affiliate of Get Famous Mom Bloggers Resource


Email List Building Strategies For BIG Profits (That Work)

There are many myths about email list building strategies. One of those myths is that without a big list you won’t be able to make any money. What if I told you that you could actually make money even if you had a very tiny list? Great news right? I’d like to share a few tips to show you some powerful email list building strategies to build your email list and create big profits. When you are beginning to build a list you can also create survey’s to ask your followers via blog posts what type of topics and products are interesting to them. If you offer products they love as a free opt in that will also increase your opt in rate and help you to build an email list fast.

Email List Building Strategies:

Craft an exciting, irrestible and compelling that makes people think I MUST get on this list. They will say that if your offer is great.

This can be an mp3 of a coaching call, a blueprint for success, a pdf list building template or any other enticing offer.

Solve a problem.

Your list is filled with REAL people who have real pains and real problems. If you offer solutions that solve those problems you’ll increase your opt in rates and you’ll be helping people at the same time.

Use content marketing to drive potential clients your way.

Write compelling content and share that on sites like or When you upload your articles make sure your resource or bio box contains all the information your client will need to find you.  If you are not great at writing you can source this out via odesk or Fiverr. Both sites are great.

Use groups via Google Plus and LinkedIn to draw your ideal client.

Start groups for your ideal audience and share valuable information. Tell them they can receive more by subscribing to your newsletter.  It’s a great way to draw your ideal clients and those who you can truly help.

Use your blog as a list building  platform.

Craft posts with keywords that suit your ideal client. Then write information that truly helps them.

Guest post on other blogs.

When you guest post on other blogs that can drive people to your list also. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and also add value to their prospects.

Use video marketing to drive clients to your opt in page.

Share some great information like I’m doing in this email list building strategies series. Yours could be marketing, using social media to build email lists, or whatever you’d like. Give some great pieces of information but leave them wanting more and then lead them to your opt in page for your exciting and compelling offer.

Interview other experts.

Interview experts and record the call. Then share that as a free offer for your opt in list. You can also create products very quickly using this method. By building a rapport with that expert you can ask if they’d like to offer the product to their list and get 50% of the profit. Now you’ve just been introduced to their list and they have a great product to offer. It’s a win for all.

Use these strategies and soon you’ll have a list filled with your ideal clients that you can share information filled with incredible value. You’ll be building trust and then you can market your products that will truly change their life!

Use video marketing. You can share list building tips via a business video on Youtube . I created a fun video about an upcoming business webinar but you can do anything. Include your email opt in link in the first line of the description. Add annotations on the video asking them to subscribe.They will.

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