Why Business Owners & Brands Fail With Social Media Marketing

Recently I’ve been in meetings with clients because we are doing a big marketing push on radio and social media. I overheard two different travel agents when we mentioned promoting using social media, “That won’t really move the needle in their decisions.” Right then sadly I realized yet again so many business owners are totally clueless when it comes to social media.This is why they fail with social media marketing. They underestimate the value of real people online talking about their brand.

Let me ask you a question? Do you care what people say about your business? Do you understand that testimonials and customer referrals are some of the greatest resources you have for your business? Oh you do? Well what if you could amplify those testimonials by 100%? I just defined the importance of social media marketing for your business.

Social media is not just some throw away. These are REAL human beings on line talking about YOUR product or service in REAL time and telling their friends.

When business owners think that social media is just posting it makes my head wants to explode. If you had a clue the number of sales generated using social media marketing? Your head would explode too.

It’s sad that half of my business is spent educating clueless business owners on the value of social media marketing. Just look at how Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been using it for his advantage? Then ask yourself what can I do?

This is just a few examples of ways your business can use social media marekting:

Lead generation via email marketing Using Twitter & Facebook.
Testimonials for your products and services via boosted posts ( don’t know what that is? Then you need my help)
Product commercials.

Anything you can do with traditional marketing you can do with social media marketing but better.

So don’t be a clueless business owner. It may sound cliche’ but if you don’t get a better understanding of social media marketing and fast? You will be taken over by your competition.

In the past year I’ve saved my clients over $65,000 on products they didn’t need. I’ve audited companies and gotten a return on their money, I’ve increased their presence across social media and earned them trust with their consumers.

I’m happy to help your business thrive so email us lisa@lisacashhanson.com for help.