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Do you love wasting money? I didn’t think so. When it comes to marketing solutions whether branding, or social media or ad buys I will treat your business exactly as my own. We create marketing strategies that work. Campaigns that kick major butt.  And Trust that lasts a lifetime for your brand. – Email us today lisa@lisacashhanson.com

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Multi-award winning speaker and marketer Lisa provides solutions for your business that yield results. In one of her consulting sessions with a client Lisa discovered a loss of $5,000. She was able to use a unique method to recover that loss for that business owner. Lisa has been quoted in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Las Vegas Review Journal, Fox News, & More.

Her ad skills using facebook have helped small business owners reach audiences of over 68,000 potential clients for a mere $20.00 ad spend. Those results come with years of trial and error. That you can benefit from.

Call to discuss your business and begin generating leads and sales right now.

After you check out the stats below feel free to share a little more about your business here : Lets Get Started  and I’ll be in touch shortly.

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Time IS Money- So stop wasting your time and call Lisa Today- See what she can do to help your business too.

What people are saying:

 When Lisa told me that our marketing company was trying to charge us $25,000 for a service that should have cost $80.00 I was floored. But I was so thankful that I called her otherwise we may not have known what they were doing.   Darryl T-Bird Jewels

Thanks for the inspiration.
I was feeling down as I am working with the publisher on my first book and we seem to have hit a snag. After watching you I feel I can do anything. I love the way you are so original and normal. You are just so human and it encourages me a lot.- Joyce


I just got home this evening from celebrating Christmas with my side of the family. I took my laptop but ended up taking a break from it, which I hardly ever do.

When I returned I was SO excited to check my eBook sales and to find a number had sold while we were gone. ~Myna

This is the first time in my life I have experienced making money from a PRODUCT/Business…. thus, while NOT WORKING!! I have done a network marketing business before (my husband and myself)… and it just did NOT work for us. We invested some money and never got to a point of money made exceeding money invested, so I can’t even put into words how I feel getting very close to seeing that happen.

THANK YOU Lisa Cash Hanson for all you have done to teach us, lead us, encourage us and MOST OF ALL BELIEVE in us.

Hi Lisa, I have been flat chat this past nights and haven’t had a chance to check in, but today I am so glad and thankful that I did. I absolutely love your blog post from the 19th. One of the things I love most about what you offer is not only inspiration and motivation but real and awesome content. I love how open and honest you are in sharing your experiences with us. Just love how much your blog posts relate to how i am feeling or experiencing. Before viewing your latest video, I was down, I felt unmotivated and lacked in the belief within myself that I can do this and that my stuff ROCKS! Now I feel it. Thank you so much! ~Talya Jane Goding


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  1. hi Lisa I would like to know how can I become an entrepreneur trainer? and an adviser? looking forward to heard from you.thanks

  2. I loved your blog..it’s really interesting

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