Advertise Your Small Business In National Media For Free

One of the greatest ways that you can advertise your small business is via free publicity. There are so many amazing services available to small business owners and many don’t cost a thing. This is how my business was able to be featured in Yahoo!, Business Insider and others.

I want to ask you a question. What would it do for your brand if you were featured in a major magazine? If you were featured in your local news outlets. Many of us these days are looking for tips everywhere that say: How To Advertise Your Small Business.

I can tell you what free publicity has meant for my brand. I’ve received numerous awards, won grants, launched products, watched thousands of visitors come to my website, increased my email list subscribers and more.

Here are a few tips that can help you.

1. Start pitching the media. When you do don’t just sell your product sell your story. Reporters like stories not products. But your brand can be a feature of that story.

2. Make your story relevant. Think of what’s happening in the news and see how you can tie into those stories and then pitch to the media accordingly.

3. You are an expert so start believing that and act like it.
You’ll never grow or go if you keep doubting yourself so please don’t.

4.Make Targeted Pitches

When pitching your story to the media and trying to advertise your small business make sure you are on target. If you are selling weight loss products for women please don’t pitch a men’s fishing magazine. You’ll never get chosen.

I hope you realize what is possible. And I hope you start pitching the media today. If you do want to advertise your small business, getting media placement can really take your brand to new levels. And it’s very possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can pitch the media like a pro and also get more visitors to your website, attract more clients, make more money and start building your email list please check out this video. Besides you’ll love it because I’m dressed like a famous celebrity.

Enough said.

If you are not already a newsletter subscriber then I invite you to become one today. I’d love nothing more then to share great tips to advertise your small business, learn to make money online and more.

This really is your time, it’s your hour, it’s your chance to grow your business so you can use that money to change a life.

I know you can do it and I can’t wait to hear from you.
Once again if you’d like to learn more about Pitch The Media Like A Pro Just visit the link. I can’t wait to meet you!



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Lisa Cash Hanson Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Business Insider & Fox News Lisa is an expert in marketing and social media for business owners. When companies want to save time and thrive they call Lisa. For press inquiries or to learn more about how she can help you become the star of your industry contact Lisa today. It's time for you to shine.


  1. Exactly what I would love to do to use and grow my B2B to B2C business. I help businesses expand their brand, so I would love to benefit from some free media exposure. It wouldn’t just help me, but also the businesses gain even more exposure as well.

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