Black Friday Event For Entrepreneurs Bloggers & Business Owners

I’d like to add that if you are interested in learning more about a reality show for bloggers please add your comments below. More details coming soon!

I am so excited to bring you my very own Black Friday 2012 event of the season! I’m slashing prices and some of the proceeds from the event will hopefully go to aid Sandy families depending on the response (a portion of the proceeds I’ll be sending to help the families)

For 24 Hours Only Click The Link For Sales!  From My Heart To Your Wallet – The Event Of The Season Sorry The Sale Is Now Closed

ALSO all the ads for Get Radiant Sold out so I added just a few more slots you can claim those here  follow instructions via the link : (the ink will be found in the top message starting with “I got your emails- Sorry it’s now closed


Many times we want to get involved in coaching but for some reason we keep putting it off. Well today you will have no excuse to hesitate because I’m slashing prices like never before. This sale for women entrepreneurs and small business owners, and bloggers, coaches, authors and speakers and anyone who wants to learn more about improving their blog will only run for 24 hours. After that the sale is gone and you will loose out on that huge discount forever.  So if you’re not already signed up to my newsletter you can do that here Get Radiant Plus sign up now to learn more details about an upcoming reality show for Las Vegas Bloggers with amazing prizes and great opportunities.

I am offering full access to my Inner Circle Vip Members Only Club at crazy rates. Here is a video that tells you a little more and below you can read for yourself what other members are saying: Leave your comments below and also tweet or share on your social networks. I can’t wait to see you in 24 hours!  – Sorry the sale is now closed but you are still welcome to join the Inner Circle the rates are still amazing you can learn more here : Inner Circle VIP



What members are saying:

My activities in Lisa’s Inner Circle have helped me see that I have skill in many different niche topics, but my area of greatest interest and expertise is in the area of mental health recovery and how to help the homeless in America. Lisa’s encouragement to focus on one blog at a time was the catalyst I needed to focus on my true passion.  Since joining Blogs To Riches, I have built a brand new blog whose focus is DID recovery and the importance of good mental health.  I am now writing the template for a newsletter, and have a clearer understanding of what that newsletter should accomplish.  Lisa is supportive, encouraging and highly skilled in many different areas. Not to mention, she’s a lot of fun to work with! I highly recommend Blogs To Riches, and greatly appreciate Lisa Cash Hanson!

Connie Walcott,

 The Blogs to Riches Club Inner Circle has been that good team I have needed to help push me in my efforts to make money through my blog. The first lesson had fantastic much-needed information helping me to prioritize and focus on the one thing that will help propel me from spinning wheels, so to speak, to moving forward towards the number 1 goal of increasing my income. The training and individual attention we are able to receive from Lisa is priceless and the encouragement and energy from discussions and brainstorming happening between members is a winning combination to keep us motivated to continue moving forward in the things that will really matter in our blogs and businesses.


 Lisa is very hands on and is always willing to help you out when you get stuck on something. I love the”sisterhood” we have going on in the circle and I am so grateful to be part of such a great group! The Blogs to Riches Inner Circle has been a godsend for me. Lisa and the other members of the inner circle have been so helpful and everyone wants to see each other succeed!

Kari Ann

Lisa is as real as it gets. I just can’t say enough about her or the Inner Circle! If you aren’t in on The Inner Circle, you are definitely missing out.

 What a blessing the Blogs to Riches Inner Circle has been to me! Through this group, I have made friends, given and received support and learned and grown so much in a very short time. Lisa has not only been a coach, but also a cheerleader and friend.

My colleagues have been an indispensable source of information and encouragement as well. I feel I have made life-long friends and learned skills which will move me forward in business and life. A short time ago, I could not have envisioned writing an e-book or what I might sell online, but seeing everyone else kicking butt is such a motivator! The training is personal, friendly and motivating.

Barbara Cobham



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  1. I’d like to learn more! Thank you!

  2. I’d love to learn more. Thanks, Lisa

  3. Reality show details? Please… do tell!

  4. I wld love to hear more

  5. I would love to know more about the Reality Show and I can not wait for the sale!

  6. As a Las Vegas blogger, I say WOOT! ‘Bout time we Sin City dwellers get a little notice. Ya never hear anyone talk about poor Vegas. I know it’s just a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and all…. But, we have very interesting people, especially at night. Maybe it’s the cheap booze that makes them so interesting? IDK but I think Elvis faked that whole dying thing ‘cuz I swear I saw him the other day! They might want to investigate that too if they come!
    Just a thought…

  7. Excited to hear more about the blogger show you are working on! Thanks Lisa!

  8. Ok so I’m NOT from Vegas….a little further North 😉 but I can definitely bring you a certain “je ne sais quoi” from Montreal! C’mon you need to have someone represent your dear friends from the North! Luv Montreal and everything about it (maybe I could do without the winters!) and would luv to share what Montrealers are all about! I’m mainly a vlogger…if you are looking outside Vegas, hope you’ll consider me! Hugs! XOXO
    P.S. Lisa, I think you are so classy! 🙂

  9. Oh…Did I mention…I’d LOVE to learn more?? 😀

  10. Lisa, this blogger reality show is something I have got to be on. Since I don’t think there is ever going to be a “Real Housewives of Fort Mill, South Carolina,” this is my chance at reality TV fame. Seriously, I’m hilarious and sassy. Everyone loves me. Except for those that don’t. But they’re obviously not very smart.

  11. would love to know more about the show

  12. Amanda Little says:

    Hi Lisa! It’s Amanda from the inner circle. I would absolutely love to hear more about the show you’re doing.

    My story (which, I’m sure you’ve read a bit about at this point) is one which I’m sure a lot of women can connect to. A sufferer of Depression and General Anxiety Disorder as well as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), My blog came to fruition in my search of ways to manage these disorders.

    After a journey with 5-10 different specialists and doctors, one thing was clear. The only thing left to do, was lose weight. I tried all organic, I tried “diets”, I tried everything I could think of. Atkins, didn’t work. Special K, didn’t work. It was then that I met with a nutritionist, who gave me a “whole” approach to eating.

    That started to work, I lost 20 lbs, but as SOON as I started eating “as per normal” the weight came piling back. I met a friend at work who introduced me to something that worked; she introduced me to beach body. After 6 months, I’ve had my ups and downs but I’ve lost 40lbs; gained 15 back after losing my job, and am consistently losing now.

    My blog started as a way for me to share what I learned as I learned it. It’s become sort of a project for me to start coaching others to do the same, and a way for me to keep accountable.

    I am a young mother to a beautiful daughter who is three years old now. I’m sitting and waiting patiently for a BIG move to happen in February in which my boyfriend (who’s from Illinois) is taking me an my daughter to his home town where we hope to settle down and build a NORMAL healthy life, vs. the chaotic abuse strung life I was born into.

    Anyway, I’ve been filmed for an MTV Reality Show called True life, so I’m comfortable with being on film. However, my stint on the show didn’t end up airing because the show’s focus was “True Life, I hate my hair” (a symptom of PCOS is hair loss / growth), and the show ended up going in a different direction (Less medically focused, more body image obsession focused).

    I hope to hear from you soon 🙂 But, either way, I’ll see you around the inner circle! <3

  13. Hi Lisa, I would love to be on a reality tv show featuring Bloggers!

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