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If you haven’t noticed lately the way we do business is changing. If you haven’t been using social media and other “unconventional” methods to promote your business & your brand you could be loosing thousands of dollars at a rapid pace. I can help your small business gain maximum exposure using tools you may not even realize are available to you. This is what I’ve done and the results speak for themselves.

What if  I showed you how: In under 2 years my business has won numerous awards, a $15,000 grant from a major corporation, featured on Yahoo!, Wall Street Journal,  Business Insider, the Las Vegas Review Journal & more.  Now what if I told you that my business did not invest a dime to get that press coverage. Could this type of exposure help your business? Sure it could. Dramatically.

Would you like to get results like this for your business?  Not just the media- The RESULTS. More exposure, more clients, more sales.

I have a gift for finding opportunities in the unexpected.

Let me help you get the results you’ve been waiting for I’d love to show you what really works and avoid things that truly are a waste of your time and resources.
Or you can take another ride on the crazy train going through the same actions and hoping for a different result. It’s totally up to you. However I’d like you to stop the insanity and let me help you because I’m confident I can.

I have spent the past twenty years on stages around the world and  I know  what it takes to position yourself as the star of your industry, attract more clients and grow your business substantially.  The good news?

It’s a lot easier then you think and it won’t take years to make it happen.


Small business consulting:

  • Fill out the form below by clicking on the link and I’ll show you how I can help your small business increase sales and get media exposure for free.
  • If you are confused by social media- let me help you. It’s a lot easier then you think and you probably have all the skills you need for success. You are just missing one small connecting piece.

What is standing in your way of success? Whatever it is, it’s time to MOVE.

If you’re ready to get results then simply Click This Link & Let’s Get Started! I Can’t Wait To Meet You! 

After you fill out this short form you’ll receive a complimentary coaching and mentor call from me to help you in your business right now.

Please note due to the sheer number of requests I receive for consultations I may not be able to accommodate everyone.

Thanks for your understanding. Also visit my media page to see where I have been able to land interviews all for free.







Click This Link Let’s Get Started! I Can’t Wait To Meet You!





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