Can Small Business Owners Afford Social Media Marketing

As a small business owner and a social media marketing agent for other small businesses this is the biggest question I receive. Can small business owners afford social media marketing. The answer is yes. And the reality is that any small business who is not using social media to market is missing a large amount of opportunities to grow and expand their business.

I can tell  you that personally I’ve been contacted by National Television Shows, people to license my products, boutique owners, baby boutique buyers and more all due to our interaction on social media.

Sales do come directly from Facebook, Instagram and more. But beyond that it helps with your social proof.

Just look at one of our latest social media campaigns when we launched and Instagram ad for Snuggwugg. It helps promote our business tremendously and it drives sales as well.

So if you are a small business owner, a brand or coach wondering if social media is right for your business? The answer is yes.

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