What Are The Core Ingredients In Marketing Your Product

There are some core ingredients to marketing your product and doing that successfully. A recent definition of marketing stated: Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling products, but selling is only a small fraction of marketing. As the term “Marketing” may replace “Advertising” it is the overall strategy and function of promoting a product or service to the customer. What can you do that will help you in in marketing your product?

Work on the first aspect of this definition


Some of us are expert communicators while others…not so much.  What can we do to improve when marketing your product ? Focus on some communication skills that will help clarify our message. These quick tips will help you  become an amazing communicator which in turn will help you be an excellent marketer.


If all you do is speak  you’ll never hear what your clients needs, what they want, and how you can provide a solution to their problems.  So in my slightly funny way I’m asking you to “Zip It”


When you listen to a client, ask them questions are important to them and at the same time help you define how your product is the perfect solution to what they are looking for.

Be confident

Great communicators are confident. If you are unsure of your offer, or your product guess what? Your client will be unsure of their buying decision.

Be Clear

We’ve all made the mistake of not being crystal clear in what our brand or product is and how it can help. If we are not clear they again the client will be confused. A confused client will never become a client.  So work on making your offer clear.


There is a lot happening in the world and in case you didn’t notice and  many are walking the earth like the Grinch in Dr Seuss. If you laugh and offer a smile it’s contagious. That will make your client more at ease and enjoy doing business with you. Learn to smile.


I hope I don’t have to elaborate on this point. Be honest and sincere when you communicate it will do amazing things not only for your business but your soul. It’s very important.

Be prepared

If you are going to share a presentation, or do an interview prepare yourself. Ask questions before you get to the interview or before you speak with your client. Think of objections ahead of time and you’ll see it will reap great rewards.