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Get Famous Mom Blogger Resource is a power packed blogging book filled with tips that you can’t afford to miss. Before you read you should skip to the bottom and see the amazing results that bloggers are getting from Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet


Tired Of Looking At Hundreds Of Websites Trying To Figure Out How To Make Money With Your Blog & Increase Your Traffic?

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  • How I went from 780 Visitors To over 12,456 in just three days
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  • You can get Companies to chase you down and ask if you’ll review their products
  • How I was paid for posts when my blog had a ZERO Google page rank
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What if I told you that you could find all of this information in one easy to follow eBook? And in the next 5 minutes, with one simple download you could use these tips for your own blog?

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Not only do I show you how to make money fast with your blog but I share the exact tips and methods I used to get more then 12,246 visitors to my blog in TWO days. Added Bonus I will also show you how I got offers like these:

  • iconI will tell you exactly how I got my blog on the front section of the Yahoo! home page in front of over 31 Million Viewers and it was FREE.BONUS 1
  • iconI will share the resources I use to make money blogging, how I received paid posts and why companies chase me down to review their products.BONUS 2
  • iconSome say it takes a long time to build that makes money. I did it in under 30 days, when my blog was only one month old and I had a Google Page Rank of ZERO.BONUS 3
  • iconI will share with you the exact methods I used to get a massive jump in my blog’s traffic and show you tips so you can increase your traffic too.BONUS 4

My Blog On The Home Page Of Yahoo!

I will tell you exactly how I got my blog on the front section of the Yahoo! home page in front of over 31 Million Viewers and it was FREE I didn’t pay a dime in advertising money.

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A Personal Message From Lisa:



Would you like to hear what other blogger’s are saying about Lisa and Get Famous?


[quote]I finished Lisa’s book on June 29. Today is July 19.  So far since finishing and beginning to apply the suggestions in her book, our results have been: 1 feature of a recipe on an award-winning blog with over 7 million users, improvement in Alexa ranking, an interview with a major media outlet for potential feature, over 5 TIMES the number of pageviews from July 16 to July 17, and I am being interviewed on a BlogTalkRadio program next week!

This morning I tweeted the screenshot showing our traffic jump on July 17 this morning: @thesatevepot.  Lisa’s book is the only resource for bloggers that we have seen these types of immediate results using…. if you have been thinking about investing in yourself by getting her book, take action today.  There are never any guarantees but many others are experiencing similar results!

~Anne, Co-Owner and Co-Author of the food blog, The Saturday Evening Pot[/quote]

[quote]You were just the first blogger I thought of to share the news. Before this I also had a small stroke of luck, contacted me about being a contributor after they saw a comment of mine on their blog… again, something you recommended was to comment on 5 blogs every night.”
Thank you! ~Gina My Chocolate Peaces[/quote]

[quote]”My stats have gone from 1,500 views a month to around 2,400, my Twitter followers tripled in one week, my Alexa rank changed by 1 million in just a couple of weeks and my Klout score has jumped from 20 to 36 Writers are asking to guest post on my blog and companies are pitching me!”
Tamara (Aspiring) Domestic Goddess Mommy[/quote]

[quote]”I just wanted to thank you for being amazing and allowing me to review your book. I learned so much and will continue to use it in my blogging journey. My blog has grown so quickly in just 3 months & I know I have a long way to go to get famous. I’ll get there someday & I’ll be thanking you again!”
Rita Light Rockin Rebel Deals[/quote]

[quote]I have read many “How to Make Money from Your Blog” books from all the leading male “gurus”. I find them repetitious and boring, however they are making tons of money!! So Kudos to the men making all the money! On the other hand Lisa’s book is from a woman with a stay at home mom’s perspective. It is refreshing, easy to read and she has already invested hours finding the most powerful resources so you don’t have to! I use it daily when I want to find out how to pitch the media, ways to promote my blog and companies that will pay for my reviews. Why does that matter to you? She shows YOU how her traffic jumped from 700 visitors to over 17,686 in just one month! There are over 100 major resources to help you increase your traffic, make money blogging and get companies to chase

Lisa MomBloggerBuzz[/quote]

[quote]”I can’t thank Lisa enough. Not only did she give me my first paid review she also coached me on how much to charge. I was super excited and it was awesome.”

– Michelle Sutter powered-by-mom[/quote]

[quote]Hello Lisa –
I just purchased your ebook and it really looks fantastic. I have spent the last few months researching how to start a mommy blog and have never run across information like this-it really is great! You have really presented it in a simple, non discouraging way and I thank you for that. I can’t wait to get started! ~ Tawny[/quote]

[quote]Hi Lisa,
I just purchased your book, and am so excited about the great resources you have shared. I was already familiar with some of them, but many were completely new to me. I have implemented a few of your resources, and am working my way through your list. Thanks so much for sharing your research, and making it so affordable for the rest of us!!!

I’ve found my voice, and I’m learning to not be afraid to use it… thanks for your encouragement!!! ~ Connie Creator of Bible Crafts 4 Kids[/quote]

author lisa larido

“Get Famous is full of great tips, tools and resources, for both the new and experienced blogger. Lisa shares with her readers the pitch she used to land a major interview with Yahoo Finance, just months after starting her blog! You will find tutorials and even how to get media exposure despite not having a high Google Ranking. There are too many Golden Nuggets in this book to mention in just a few sentences! Get Famous gives you all of the resources anyone would ever need to have the most Amazing Blog on the Planet!” – Lisa Ladrido

powered by mom

“I can’t thank Lisa enough. Not only did she give me my first paid review she also coached me on how much to charge. I was super excited and it was awesome.” – Michelle Sutter

tamara vellozzo

“I’ve been blogging for a year and a half and I’ve learned so much from this book! Getting Famous is a GREAT resource for bloggers, whether brand new or experienced! Lisa truly has your best interest and success at heart. Besides the awesome information she provides in the book, with just a few tips from her I tripled my Twitter following in less than a week!” – Tamara Vellozzo

lindsay chung

“Lisa’s book is packed full of powerful tips for bloggers. How to make money blogging, How to increase traffic, How to find products to review and more. – Her book is great for new and seasoned bloggers alike! Her unique style keeps it interesting and she guides you through amazing content with ease teaches you how to do great things with your blog!” – Lindsay Chung

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