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How To Make Money Blogging

I know the internet is filled with blogs posts on how to make money blogging. The other day I discovered something that really blew my mind. And I have  some pretty big thinking. I’ve covered many different ways to make money with a blog on Momprenuer Mogul and if you do a search on my blog you’ll find more than a few.  You can nickel and dime yourself with small ads and pennies a day or you can jump start your earnings. I’m going to share what I’ve done and what’s worked for me. Hopefully it will help you too.  I’m not really traditional in my approach or when it comes to how to make money blogging so if you’re going to take my advice you’ll probably find yourself on the rebel path because many times I go against what everyone else tells you to do. Weird I know but I am who I am.

And it was not until a few months ago that I realized  truly nothing is impossible. I share this with my blog coaching clients all the time but it’s also something I’m living and wanted to share today.

Yes blog traffic can be challenging, yes it takes some work, but you can also find yourself in the midst of a mind blowing money making experience if you believe it’s possible.

Here are a few things I’ve done and I’ll share the results with you also:


Use Contests To Boost Exposure

I’ve been involved in contests and won many. You can find that on my Press page. Some people hate contests but guess what? When people are looking for top blogs? Those contests come right up. I’d like to thank Circle of Moms for mine, And Blogtrepreneur because I’m sure those wins have increased my exposure. There are business contests, writing contests and more but I encourage you to see how they can help your exposure and build your brand.

So enter contests, and get your name out there. You’ll be amazed who will find you.

Use Media To Position You As the Expert

Again I’ve been really blessed to get a ton of great press. AOL, WSJ, The Huffington Post, Yahoo and more. All this drives people and traffic to my blog. If you don’t know how to get media I created a program that shares everything I’ve done and hopefully that will help you. But you can also write  your local press online and reach out to them that way. I’ve had mult-million dollars brands connect with me due to that reason alone.

Jump On Triberr

I love Triberr. It’s done amazing things for my own personal advertisers and their campaigns and also I’ve met some amazing people who support each other that I otherwise may not have met. It helps increase exposure and blog traffic and now Triberr also has paid campaigns as well so it’s a win win for everyone.

Social Media Is Your Money Making Weapon

I could talk about this all day. But I’ve gotten so many paid opportunities, speaking engagements and more because people have found me on social media. I tweet out posts, share them on G+ and LinkedIN. Twitter is my favorite. I’m not sure why. Probably because I talk fast so with 140 characters you just get it out there quick 🙂  But again million dollar brands have connected with me and I’ve become a brand ambassador using social media. See the brands I’ve worked with here. Sony, Zappos, Verizon and more. I also was super fortunate to become a #VZWBuzz Insider due to social media. And they found me 🙂 Amazing!

I’m not a perfect blogger. My thoughts are at times mixed, my grammar still needs work , but I’ve built a name for myself and brands have really appreciated that and approach me. I’m also very professional when dealing with my corporate clients. Something I’m sure they appreciate it.

The Ultimate Tip For How To Make Money Blogging

This post is not really about a formula. I don’t believe there are formulas you can follow, I believe we all blaze our own paths. But I think if you will utilize some of the techniques I mentioned above you’ll soon find yourself at the receiving end of some brilliant opportunities!

The Results

I  believe anything is possible and consider myself pretty open minded. That said I’ve even been surprised by some of the money offered by brands. But as bloggers we are worth it. We build audiences, they love what we share and we love our readers. At least I love you 🙂 xooxo. Plus our social media reach helps get their message out to an audience they need to reach and it’s a beautiful partnership.

So what about the $40K?  I wrote an ebook called Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource. People say ebooks don’t work? I have tons of clients making money with theirs and I’ve made thousands with mine. You should get it you’d love it.

So yes my ebook has brought thousands but the biggest surprise came from being a brand ambassador. They offer thousands over just a few months in exchange for you representing them. And to me it’s amazing. For one thing I don’t work with every brand. I just don’t have time and honestly I don’t like them all. But when I find a brand that really relates to my audience and my message, I’m more than happy to represent them however I can. Via social media, youtube video campaigns I love vlogging) and more.

Remember that you are as valuable to brands as they are to you. And that relationship can reap amazing rewards for both of you.

You can make money blogging and really love your life while doing it. Plus you can work with some of the greatest brands on the planet. Any brand or sponsor that I work with they have always thanked me. And honestly I love them as much or more than they love me.

Make money with a blog blogging resource



I hope this helped you, go out there and make it happen. Please leave a comment and share if you’ve ever made money with your blog or any other thoughts you have I LOVE hearing from you:) 








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