Dove Real Beauty Sketches How Women Really See Themselves

I know what it’s like to have the wrong perception of who you are and also what it takes to overcome that. Recently I watched Dove Real Beauty Sketches where a former forensic artis from the San Jose police Department drew woman as they described themselves. Then he had others give him a description of that same person and drew an image as another person offered a description.   My heart has always been to help other women.  The contrast is truly shocking. I hope this will wake something up  inside of each woman watching to love ourselves. And as mothers remember that our daughters are always watching and many times their self image is moved by what they see in us.  In my business of coaching I’m never surprised as the women who come to me are not only coming for business. There is always something deeper going on. I am happy to share how they too can overcome anything. I am so thankful for Dove Real Beauty Sketches. It’s eye-opening and I’m hoping it will change us all.

Dove for your next campaign: “Your daughter is watching” 🙂

I’m adding my own story below this video for anyone who wants to learn more about my story and  how I overcame.

Women are so beautiful and we don’t have to compare ourselves or compete. Just be who you were designed to be- You are fearfully and wonderfully made.


Advertise Your Small Business In National Media For Free

One of the greatest ways that you can advertise your small business is via free publicity. There are so many amazing services available to small business owners and many don’t cost a thing. This is how my business was able to be featured in Yahoo!, Business Insider and others.

I want to ask you a question. What would it do for your brand if you were featured in a major magazine? If you were featured in your local news outlets. Many of us these days are looking for tips everywhere that say: How To Advertise Your Small Business.

I can tell you what free publicity has meant for my brand. I’ve received numerous awards, won grants, launched products, watched thousands of visitors come to my website, increased my email list subscribers and more.

Here are a few tips that can help you.

1. Start pitching the media. When you do don’t just sell your product sell your story. Reporters like stories not products. But your brand can be a feature of that story.

2. Make your story relevant. Think of what’s happening in the news and see how you can tie into those stories and then pitch to the media accordingly.

3. You are an expert so start believing that and act like it.
You’ll never grow or go if you keep doubting yourself so please don’t.

4.Make Targeted Pitches

When pitching your story to the media and trying to advertise your small business make sure you are on target. If you are selling weight loss products for women please don’t pitch a men’s fishing magazine. You’ll never get chosen.

I hope you realize what is possible. And I hope you start pitching the media today. If you do want to advertise your small business, getting media placement can really take your brand to new levels. And it’s very possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can pitch the media like a pro and also get more visitors to your website, attract more clients, make more money and start building your email list please check out this video. Besides you’ll love it because I’m dressed like a famous celebrity.

Enough said.

If you are not already a newsletter subscriber then I invite you to become one today. I’d love nothing more then to share great tips to advertise your small business, learn to make money online and more.

This really is your time, it’s your hour, it’s your chance to grow your business so you can use that money to change a life.

I know you can do it and I can’t wait to hear from you.
Once again if you’d like to learn more about Pitch The Media Like A Pro Just visit the link. I can’t wait to meet you!

Do You Really Need A Coach Or Consultant For Your Business

As a coach and a key note speaker this is a question that I field quite a bit. “Do I really need a business coach or consultant?” My reply, “Only if you like success”

We all suffer from the “I can do everything by myself” syndrome. But the reality is that is very counter productive to your success as a small business owner.

Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players of all time, yet he needed a coach. The problem that we face is many of us feel a coach means you are missing something. Nothing could be further from the truth. A coach is simply someone who has a clear vision, who can see things from the outside that perhaps you’ve missed.

A coach brings out your absolute best. A great business coach will push you further then you could ever push yourself. They will challenge you to take chances, and make decisions you never thought possible. Why? Because they have a different view then you do. They are looking from the outside and you are living it from the inside.

A business coach not only helps you with your sales. A great coach, helps you with marketing, branding, and also your personal life. A great coach knows that where there is a weakness that where a breakdown will happen.

So how do you pick a business coach?

Success stories. What have others said, do they inspire, motivate get results? Then they could be a great fit for your business.

Personality. Each coach is different. If you are a very stern person then a coach with a humorous personality may not be the right fit for you.

Most coaches will offer a short consultation. Take advantage of that to see if they are the right business coach for you.

Skill. Normally you will be able to tell with one call if this coach can help you with your business or not. So see if their skill set matches your needs.

Availability If you need a weekly coach make sure they are available first. Coaches keep various hours and not everyone is open when you need them. Find that out up front to avoid any confusion.

If you are looking for a business coach I am happy to assist you. Just fill out this quick form and I’ll get back with you soon.

Please note sometimes it may take 36 hours before you get a reply due to the number of requests.Click This Link & Let’s Get Started! I Can’t Wait To Meet You!

How To Use Social Media For Small Business Marketing

Recently I was at a local networking event for small business in Las Vegas. The event was actually to learn more about marketing. I was there because I’m working with a former Silicon Valley Investor on my business plan for SnuggWugg.  I watched during the break and a local business owner walked up with her card. I heard her say, ” No they can’t contact me. They have to go to the website but there is not way to contact me there.” I thought “What! ?”  Then I heard other people talk about social media for small business and over heard things like: “Social media is useless, I don’t get results from social media, I’m not sure it even matters, real customers don’t come from social media for small business owners.”

Seriously I wanted to just flip out. I am trying to understand why so many people don’t understand how valuable social media for small business marketing can be.

Before I share how you can use it let me tell you what it’s done for me. In just under two years I’ve:

Won a $15,000 grant for my diaper changing pillow baby product the SnuggWugg® from Huggies Mom Inspired Grant.

I’ve won about 4 different awards for blogging and entrepreneur efforts.

Speak for local and corporate events.

I’ve been called upon numerous times to consult for MAJOR brands and companies via Twitter and LinkedIn to consult for them and help get their message to a target audience.

Numerous internet radio broadcasts.

I’ve been featured on Yahoo!, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal (upcoming) StartUp Princess, She Owns It , Problogger and more.  All FREE by the way.

So let me ask you this question. Could your small business use a piece in the Wall Street Journal to get the word out about your brand or service?  YES!

This is the power of social media for small business marketing my friend. And if you are still one of those in the dark ages thinking that social media is useless, well come off the crazy train I think you’ve been riding around long enough.

I’m not one of those “This is the ONLY way” type of people. Meaning I’m not going to tell you that you can build a business totally based upon social media. But I am going to tell you that you are missing so many valuable opportunities for new clients, for free press coverage, for connections, and for interviews if you don’t learn how to engage your small business in social media.

Let me tell you it’s not that hard. If you can walk up to a person and talk about your company then you can handle everything on social media.

I hope this helps you to kick it in gear a little but if not please email me and let me help you.

Here are a few tips to get you moving:

Twitter is not for kids I’ve connected with major brands, Fortune 500 companies and CEO’s just from one tweet. So set up your account and start using it. Make sure there is a link to your companies website, or your email letter or something so people can find you.

Respond to tweets. You never know who they know or how they can help you. Communicate with people just as you would a person you met at the coffe shop. If they said hi you wouldn’t walk away without responding right? So it is with Social Media.

Engage. If you are a CEO for goodness sake get on there! You can ask questions find out how your company can improve learn what they’d like to buy next. It’s a marketing dream for your company and your customers want to speak with you.

Go unconventional. In social media think of fun ways to engage your prospects. It’s a valuable tool for business but you can keep it fun and social at the same time.

Use LinkedIN, Facebook, Klout, Google Plus and others to get your brand out there.

Lastly just take the leap. If you’ve never tried social media for small business now is your time. I don’t want you to miss out on the amazing opportunities that lie right at the end of your keyboard.

Your next sale, your next big client, your next huge opportunity may be waiting for you with just one tweet. That is how you can use social media for small business marketing.

If you or your business would like to learn more about working with Lisa you can do that here : Results That Matter For Your Small Business


Tips To Work At Home And Make Passive Income

We all want to make money right? And how great if we could learn to work at home and make passive income. It’s possible. I know because I’m doing it and so can you. For women who wish to work at home there has never been a better time for us then today. With the internet you can work at home and create business opportunities that will help yourself and your family. Internet marketing, and other business opportunities, affiliates and more make it possible for us to work at home and enjoy our lives.
It doesn’t matter if that business is an actual product, or if you are simply selling a service for example coaching women in business. Whatever you’d like to do it’s possible to work at home and do it.

A simple way to work at home is create a blog. From that blog you can write posts that drive your ideal prospect to your website.  You can advertise a beauty product you sell, launch affiliate programs ( sell someone else’s product), or create your own product to sell. You will be approached by other advertisers who will pay you for links and so much more.

Creating products is also a wonderful way to work at home. You could create a training video with a paypal link and add that to your site too. The list is endless. But first let’s watch today’s vlog.

In today’s vlog I cover an email from one of my friends- That’s you by the way if you are on my newsletter list. If not just subscribe today by adding your email to the option on the right of this post and get a free gift today.

We discuss, email list building tips, tips to create a product and more. So watch the video and enjoy! Then share it with a friend. Below you’ll find all the links.

Join The Inner Circle

Here are the email list building tips

A Mompreneur Is Too Stupid To Run A Business


Become an Affiliate of Get Famous Mom Bloggers Resource


Email List Building Strategies For BIG Profits (That Work)

There are many myths about email list building strategies. One of those myths is that without a big list you won’t be able to make any money. What if I told you that you could actually make money even if you had a very tiny list? Great news right? I’d like to share a few tips to show you some powerful email list building strategies to build your email list and create big profits. When you are beginning to build a list you can also create survey’s to ask your followers via blog posts what type of topics and products are interesting to them. If you offer products they love as a free opt in that will also increase your opt in rate and help you to build an email list fast.

Email List Building Strategies:

Craft an exciting, irrestible and compelling that makes people think I MUST get on this list. They will say that if your offer is great.

This can be an mp3 of a coaching call, a blueprint for success, a pdf list building template or any other enticing offer.

Solve a problem.

Your list is filled with REAL people who have real pains and real problems. If you offer solutions that solve those problems you’ll increase your opt in rates and you’ll be helping people at the same time.

Use content marketing to drive potential clients your way.

Write compelling content and share that on sites like or When you upload your articles make sure your resource or bio box contains all the information your client will need to find you.  If you are not great at writing you can source this out via odesk or Fiverr. Both sites are great.

Use groups via Google Plus and LinkedIn to draw your ideal client.

Start groups for your ideal audience and share valuable information. Tell them they can receive more by subscribing to your newsletter.  It’s a great way to draw your ideal clients and those who you can truly help.

Use your blog as a list building  platform.

Craft posts with keywords that suit your ideal client. Then write information that truly helps them.

Guest post on other blogs.

When you guest post on other blogs that can drive people to your list also. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and also add value to their prospects.

Use video marketing to drive clients to your opt in page.

Share some great information like I’m doing in this email list building strategies series. Yours could be marketing, using social media to build email lists, or whatever you’d like. Give some great pieces of information but leave them wanting more and then lead them to your opt in page for your exciting and compelling offer.

Interview other experts.

Interview experts and record the call. Then share that as a free offer for your opt in list. You can also create products very quickly using this method. By building a rapport with that expert you can ask if they’d like to offer the product to their list and get 50% of the profit. Now you’ve just been introduced to their list and they have a great product to offer. It’s a win for all.

Use these strategies and soon you’ll have a list filled with your ideal clients that you can share information filled with incredible value. You’ll be building trust and then you can market your products that will truly change their life!

Use video marketing. You can share list building tips via a business video on Youtube . I created a fun video about an upcoming business webinar but you can do anything. Include your email opt in link in the first line of the description. Add annotations on the video asking them to subscribe.They will.

For more tips like these and an amazing FREE Cd gift that is filled with tips so you can grow your business, and enjoy the life you were meant to have  visit this link now and add your email. Offers They Can’t Resist.


Merry Christmas From My Family

Merry Christmas. Wishing your family the most wonderful Christmas ever. This is my favorite time of the year and we celebrate Jesus. It seems everyone is bustling around preparing goodies and fun so that they can enjoy a Merry Christmas. We have a lot going on too.  If you’d like to hear more you can visit my other blog Mompreneur Mogul  for the story.  I hope you have the most amazing Holiday and may you spend lots of time with those you love!

How To Be Successful And ONE Thing That Kills Success

Are you ever thinking, “Why is that person doing so great?” Today I’m going to share with you one tip will teach you how to be successful. There are many “experts” teaching you tips and strategies. All that is great I share those things as well. But without this key element you will never truly learn how to be successful. Why? Because anyone who has every done anything wonderful in life knows that they were met with many challenges along the way. Those challenges did not stop them. Nor did those challenges stop them from learning how to be successful. They just pushed right through and enjoyed success.

There is one killer to success and you have to guard yourself very carefully. It’s the nagging naysayers. They will come as sure as the sun rises and they love to tell you what you cannot do. My husband Chad has a saying he loves; Shut your Pieholio. Basically it’s his way of saying “Shut your mouth”.

I know it’s awful and I tell him all the time. But when it comes to nagging voices you will have to say Shut Your pie hole if you want to learn how to be successful. So check out today’s Vlog and share your comments below. What do you struggle with? What would help you be successful? Whatever your dream you can do it!


For more tips like these and an amazing FREE Cd gift that is filled with tips so you can grow your business, and enjoy the life you were meant to have  visit this link now and add your email. Offers They Can’t Resist.

Small Business Saturday

Not sure what to buy? Why not support one of these small business owners? Today is Small Business Saturday. A day to support small businesses. As a coach and several businesses of my own I love nothing more then to support small business. They are what makes this country amazing. So while you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift, or while you are buying something for yourself. Find a local small business to support. Here are some you can support today.

For additional pictures visit Black Friday Online Deals


Black Friday Online Deals 2012

Its here the Black Friday Online Deals of 2012 that you are waiting for! I’m excited to say that I have had such a great Thanksgiving! And I want to share with you a truly unique opportunity that features some of the best Black Friday Online Deals around.  These are some of the women in the Inner Circle VIP Club from Blogs To Riches that I coach and I love nothing more then to share their products with you. I know that you will not find better Black Friday Online Deals anywhere! Especially if you want to learn how to make money blogging there are many resources for that; So here are our stores:

LongaBerger Amazing deals on great Christmas Gifts

U.S. made Hand crafted wood baskets, Vitrified Pottery, Food, Fabric Handbags and Home accents. Shop Online or Start a home-based business

The Beginning Singers Handbook

I wrote this ebook in response to questions I often get as a voice teacher and because of my own studies wading through technique books which read like technical manuals. I wanted to simplify the singing process for the beginner and explain in plain English just how the voice works.

Santa’s Nice List

Looking for that fun gift at Christmas Check this out!

SnuggWugg- Interactive Diaper Changing Baby Product & 2012 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner they are not for sale yet but click the link and enter for your chance to WIN ONE FOR FREE

The Hugh Smith Family Cookbook ~ from generations past to present

This family cookbook was compiled by the descendants’ of
Hugh and Maude Smith, my grandparents. Our family had
tossed around the idea of putting together a family cookbook for
several years, and in 2012 we published our favorite recipes.

What To Cook For Dinner For Picky Eaters CookBook

Did you know it can take up to 15 exposures to a new food for it to become familiar to a child?

That’s what the research says, according to Suzzanne Myer, MS, RD, CD. “When trying new foods, always be sure to serve alongside some familiar foods, because kids eat what’s familiar to them,” she advised us. “If they say they don’t care for it the first few attempts, make a few more attempts!”

Tips like this, as well as resources and 23 family-favorite recipes on printable recipes cards from Chef John

BeautiControl- Bath Body Beauty Skincare And More

International direct sales skin care, cosmetics, health and image company. Offers consultant opportunities.

Scentsy – The perfect sent for the Holidays

Scentsy scented candles for your home. Find a Scentsy Consultant to join or host a party. Our flameless candles are safe and provide hours of home fragrance.
An online monthly training program that actually works! This is the best value you will ever receive for this price. Join the other amazing women and gain access to a private FB community, coaching calls, training and more. Lisa Cash Hanson guides you through modules to teach you how to make money blogging. Lisa won $15,000 from Huggies Mom Inspired Grant for her baby product, has been featured on Yahoo, CNBC, Problogger, SITS girls, and more.
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 SnuggWugg Mompreneur Mogul black friday online deals

Exclusive Blogging Community Blogs To Riches Club black friday online deals for mommy bloggers

The much anticipated exclusive blogging community Blogs To Riches Club is set to launch August 27th join us.

Black Friday Event For Entrepreneurs Bloggers & Business Owners

I’d like to add that if you are interested in learning more about a reality show for bloggers please add your comments below. More details coming soon!

I am so excited to bring you my very own Black Friday 2012 event of the season! I’m slashing prices and some of the proceeds from the event will hopefully go to aid Sandy families depending on the response (a portion of the proceeds I’ll be sending to help the families)

For 24 Hours Only Click The Link For Sales!  From My Heart To Your Wallet – The Event Of The Season Sorry The Sale Is Now Closed

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I am offering full access to my Inner Circle Vip Members Only Club at crazy rates. Here is a video that tells you a little more and below you can read for yourself what other members are saying: Leave your comments below and also tweet or share on your social networks. I can’t wait to see you in 24 hours!  – Sorry the sale is now closed but you are still welcome to join the Inner Circle the rates are still amazing you can learn more here : Inner Circle VIP



What members are saying:

My activities in Lisa’s Inner Circle have helped me see that I have skill in many different niche topics, but my area of greatest interest and expertise is in the area of mental health recovery and how to help the homeless in America. Lisa’s encouragement to focus on one blog at a time was the catalyst I needed to focus on my true passion.  Since joining Blogs To Riches, I have built a brand new blog whose focus is DID recovery and the importance of good mental health.  I am now writing the template for a newsletter, and have a clearer understanding of what that newsletter should accomplish.  Lisa is supportive, encouraging and highly skilled in many different areas. Not to mention, she’s a lot of fun to work with! I highly recommend Blogs To Riches, and greatly appreciate Lisa Cash Hanson!

Connie Walcott,

 The Blogs to Riches Club Inner Circle has been that good team I have needed to help push me in my efforts to make money through my blog. The first lesson had fantastic much-needed information helping me to prioritize and focus on the one thing that will help propel me from spinning wheels, so to speak, to moving forward towards the number 1 goal of increasing my income. The training and individual attention we are able to receive from Lisa is priceless and the encouragement and energy from discussions and brainstorming happening between members is a winning combination to keep us motivated to continue moving forward in the things that will really matter in our blogs and businesses.


 Lisa is very hands on and is always willing to help you out when you get stuck on something. I love the”sisterhood” we have going on in the circle and I am so grateful to be part of such a great group! The Blogs to Riches Inner Circle has been a godsend for me. Lisa and the other members of the inner circle have been so helpful and everyone wants to see each other succeed!

Kari Ann

Lisa is as real as it gets. I just can’t say enough about her or the Inner Circle! If you aren’t in on The Inner Circle, you are definitely missing out.

 What a blessing the Blogs to Riches Inner Circle has been to me! Through this group, I have made friends, given and received support and learned and grown so much in a very short time. Lisa has not only been a coach, but also a cheerleader and friend.

My colleagues have been an indispensable source of information and encouragement as well. I feel I have made life-long friends and learned skills which will move me forward in business and life. A short time ago, I could not have envisioned writing an e-book or what I might sell online, but seeing everyone else kicking butt is such a motivator! The training is personal, friendly and motivating.

Barbara Cobham