Sponsorships / Partners

Fortune 500 Companies & small business owners seek sponsorships  with Lisa to build brand awareness, add value to their existing clients via informational products, tours, keynotes speeches, and training.

Lisa accepts sponsorships in the following areas:

  • Live Events
  • Educational Programs For College & Youth  (Such as raising awareness with young girls on the importance of a healthy self image)
  • Product Launches
  • Coaching
  • Tours
  • Video Training
  • Women’s Programs
  • Corporate Training

Lisa is happy to discuss a customized  sponsorship package with you. You are also welcome to write with any questions you may have.

Depending on the  number of requests not all sponsorships will be accepted.

Thank you for your understanding.

You may contact simply email via this link and add  “Sponsorship” in the subject line Click Here To Contact

Sponsorship Message (Click Link To Hear Audio)

More information about Lisa:

Lisa’s Bio

Lisa Cash Hanson is the voice of empowerment & encouragement to entrepreneurs around the world. Lisa has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!, Business Insider, CNBC, Review Journal, Problogger, Firepole Marketing, Huggies Blog, Startup Princess, She Owns It & more.

She is an Author, Speaker, Inventor and Business Coach. Her unconventional methods of tapping into your creative power will help you and your business go beyond what you ever thought possible.

Lisa has been listed as a Top 25 Mompreneur,Top Mom Tech, Top Author blog and named one of the Top Mompreneurs to follow on Twitter. She is also the 2012  Huggies Mom Inspired Grant recipient  for her baby product the SnuggWugg.

Her clients have included fortune 500 CEO’s celebrities, authors, solopreneurs, small business owners, speakers and coaches.

Interesting Facts About Lisa:

  • In 2013 she sponsored her first child from World Vision, David. By choosing to work with Lisa you help aid in her humanitarian efforts.

world vision

  • Lisa has been a professional singer  appearing in China, Bahamas,  Japan, USA and performed on stages across the globe.
  • Lisa became a first time mom in 2011 her most amazing accomplishment thus far.
  • She lives in Las Vegas with an English Bulldog Harley her Pitbull Hank, daughter Matilda and husband Chad.
  • She credits her Faith as the key to her amazing success. Lisa is a Christian.
  • She works with teens, and is writing a book to tell her story. She came from a broken home, with a mentally abusive father who said she’d never accomplish anything. Apparently he was wrong. Her book is filled with hope teaching others that no one on the earth can stop you from the dreams in your heart.
  • She plans to go to Africa one day not only to view a  beautiful Safari but to minister to the needs of the people there.
  • One of her goals for the coming years is to speak to young girls to inspire, encourage and lift them up. “The world beats on the images of young girls, filling their minds with things so they are always comparing themselves to others and feeling worthless. Whether it’s a parent, a teacher, or your own voice young girls must guard their hearts and minds to learn what they need to do to succeed. One of those things is tuning out the nagging voice”




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