Tips To Work At Home And Make Passive Income

We all want to make money right? And how great if we could learn to work at home and make passive income. It’s possible. I know because I’m doing it and so can you. For women who wish to work at home there has never been a better time for us then today. With the internet you can work at home and create business opportunities that will help yourself and your family. Internet marketing, and other business opportunities, affiliates and more make it possible for us to work at home and enjoy our lives.
It doesn’t matter if that business is an actual product, or if you are simply selling a service for example coaching women in business. Whatever you’d like to do it’s possible to work at home and do it.

A simple way to work at home is create a blog. From that blog you can write posts that drive your ideal prospect to your website.  You can advertise a beauty product you sell, launch affiliate programs ( sell someone else’s product), or create your own product to sell. You will be approached by other advertisers who will pay you for links and so much more.

Creating products is also a wonderful way to work at home. You could create a training video with a paypal link and add that to your site too. The list is endless. But first let’s watch today’s vlog.

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We discuss, email list building tips, tips to create a product and more. So watch the video and enjoy! Then share it with a friend. Below you’ll find all the links.

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Here are the email list building tips

A Mompreneur Is Too Stupid To Run A Business


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  1. It’s me me me the ‘anonymous’ blogger/vlogger who sent you that email…thank you SO much for your info! Ok so I get it, “email list building” has suddenly become a priority! 🙂

    I am definitely checking out your inner circle. You made some excellent valid points that I had overlooked. This was an ‘eye-opener’…thnx.

    Thank you so much and I truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and tips with the rest of us!

    Thanks Lisa! 🙂

  2. I’m on my way (after having watched this WHOLE video) to read the article you mention. Even before reading…I can already say that Mom’s are some of the most intelligent people I know. FYI: I’m not a mom and although intelligent, I have watched women become even more resourceful (having already been intelligent) after having kids.

    I guess that’s because there is someone in their life that becomes even more important than themselves.

    OK gonna go read the article now.
    Hugs…love this video.

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