How I Took An $80 Prototype And Turned It Into $15,000 From Huggies

I’m a fan of Huggies so the fact that they have given me the chance of a lifetime well that makes me love Huggies that much the more. I’m always sharing with women entrepreneurs all over the world that in this day and age anything is possible. As women business owners we can have it all. Women entrepreneurs can create businesses from home. launch products, enjoy their life, love their families and be rich. Yes we can have it all. I just got back from Kentucky and visiting my first ABC Kids Expo. I was there to receive my $15,000 Grant award from the Huggies Mom Inspired Program. I’m beyond excited. We won for my SnuggWugg

The revolutionary new SnuggWugg® is an interactive diaper changing pillow that’s paving the way for happy babies and parents everywhere. By fusing fun and functionality into one amazing product and surrounding babies in a plush snug fit SnuggWugg® makes diaper changing woes a thing of the past.

Twisting, turning and “helping” hands are replaced by play and interaction via engaging sights, sounds, features and the usage of smart phones and our patent pending SnuggWugg apps. Making diaper changes easy for parents, fun for babies. SnuggWugg is the only diaper changing product to combine cutting edge technology, fun, imagination, comfort and functionality all in one experience. SnuggWugg® is sure to be one of the most sought after baby products ever introduced into the marketplace.

I want women all over the world to be inspired because I took an $80 prototype and turned it into $15,000 and so can you. This is the day that we as women are living in. It’s amazing and the possibilites are endless.
How did I do it? I took the first step. Then The next. But I put action to my dream. And I know you can too!
What are your dreams? Take one step today to make it happen!





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  2. You are such a great example to women. I’m excited about your success and to see what you have in store next.


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